Friday, April 27, 2012

Hey Carl, Introduce yourself

Hi everyone,
My name is Carla, 19 years old, from Jakarta, Indonesia.
For now I'm an accountant economic student at the University of Gunadarma. If there is no obstacle, I will be graduate next year (AMIN)
I am currently enjoying the routine as coed. I don't know, I think my days are quite pleasant.
I am the youngest of 7 siblings. I have two brothers and four sisters.
I have good friends, they always try to make me smile, so did I to them.
Many people think I'm a  sarcastically girl
Haha .. Yes I am. I admit that I'm too fussy, and shy.
Oh no .. Until recently I tried to change the nature of it really bad.
My hobbies are listen to the music, watching movies, doodle, and many more.
Aw yeah, i love to read "The Prophet" from Kahlil Gibran. What about you?
Know the world of accounting is a good thing for me. I aspire to be an independent auditor, it is a great job in accounting.

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