Monday, May 7, 2012

Anarchism invite you to think and of course care

Anarchist, what do you know about it? I want to repair any irregularities that exist about this. Anarchism is not violent, anarchic violence is not the same.
Yes indeed, the word means anarchein anarchos or without administration or management and coordination without ruling relations and ordered, controlled and dominated, controlled and controlled, head and headed, and so forth. Does it sound very free or terrible? Anarchism is basically a total social equality which there is no class distinction. One of the main character of this flow is Mikhail Bakunin, he has also been called the father Often of anarchist theory in general. According to Bakunin after the revolution should immediately set up a classless society.

Anarchism is not the same with violence. Awareness of the classless society is the main goal of anarchism.

But unfortunately, we have been stuck in this chaotic world. Honestly, no one can eliminate the caste and class in society. The only thing we can count on is "Humanity". So what are you waiting for? Do something good right away without seeing their caste or class. Because anarchism invite you to think and of course care.
We often saw the news on TV a lot of people showed disappointment about something, to destroy, kill, destroy all the things they consider bad.
For example, the disillusionment with government agencies in addressing the economic downturn, they immediately took to the streets and perform actions that could have hurt someone.
Nowadays, we were introduced about the internet, the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogspot, and many others. It's much better to write your opinion there than do Such Things. Like I just need a PC or laptop or smartphone to type whats on my mind and just lay down on my bed or Wherever I am. You could even share it to the world and let see its really worth it. I do not need to spend my time to walk out through the sun light and spend much money to buy a car and burn it? That's stupid. So now I'm wondering why would people That like to do that? I do not think i'll be Listened, i'll feel the pain but the parliament will not feel anything. Like I said, They Might listen to us but maybe that's the only way That They Could do.

reference : Provoke Magazine

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