Monday, May 7, 2012

What it means without food?

VIVAnews - Two typical Indonesian dish, rendang and nasi goreng, for now entered the ranks of the top list of most delicious food in the world. It is based on the survey observer news station CNN, which was published on page CNNGo. The survey was compiled by CNN accounts on social networking website Facebook.
Popularity rendang, which is in the first place, followed by Massaman curry fried rice from Thailand to defeat the previously ordained to be the best food on Earth.

Other food from Indonesia, satay, also on the list. In the order of 14. Despite being a king, the amount of food lost to Indonesia from Thailand - which genjar promote tourism, including culinary, with maximum support from the government.
Here's a list of 50 foods in the world's most delicious version of CNN readers:

1. Rendang, Indonesia
2. Nasi Goreng, Indonesia

3. Sushi, Jepang
4. Tim yam goong, Thailand
5. Pad thai, Thailand
6. Som tan (salad pepaya), Thailand
7. Dim sum, Hong Kong
8. Ramen, Jepang
9. Peking duck, China
10. Massaman curry, Thailand
11. Lasagna, Italia
12. Kinchi, Korea
13. Chicken rice, Singapura

14. Sate, Indonesia
15. Ice cream, AS
16. Kebab, Turki
17. Gelato, Italia
18. Croissant, Prancis
19. Green curry, Thailand
20. pho, Vietnam
21. Fish 'n' chips, Inggris
22. Egg tart, Hong Kong
23. Bulgogi, Korea
24. Fried rice, Thailand
25. Chocolate, Meksiko
26. Penang assam laksa, Malaysia
27. Tacos, Meksiko
28. Barbeque pork, Hong Kong
29. Chili crab, Singapura
30. Cheeseburger, AS
31. Fried rice, AS
32. Lobster, Global
33. Seafood paella, Spanyol
34. Shrimp dumpling, Hong Kong
35. Neapolitan Pizza, Italia
36. Moo nam tok, Thailand
37. Potato chips, AS
38. Warm brownie and vanilla ice cream, Global
39. Masala dosa, India
40. Bibimbap, Korea
41. Galbi, Korea
42. Hamburger, Jerman
43. Fajitas, Meksiko
44. Laksa, Singapura
45. Roti prata, Singapura
46. Sirup Maple, Kanada
47. Fettucini alfredo, Italia
48. Parma Ham, Italia
49. Lechon, Filipina
50. Goi cuon, Vietnam
yes, of course I'm very proud of my country. I'm sure all the foods listed are very good. and of course, the food my country Indonesia is very delicious. YOU have to admit.....

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